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The new store is now open. Please have a look at the items. Now you can purchase prints – standard, limited and exclusive, original art, commissions, signed items and much, much more.

If you are in need of something that is not in the store, please contact me today and will be glad to find out what you are seeking.

Get An Original Commission Today!

Want an original piece of art? Seeking to have the hero or villain or a combination of both on your wall? Want to have something you hang on the wall for years to come?

Just click below and let me know what you are seeking. I am currently taking on sketches and commissions.If you are seeking a commission, please email me for availability and rates at kevin@kevinconradart.com.

Past and Present Testimonials

“Kevin is one of those guys. A true work horse who continues to excel each year over whatever artist he is inking. Inking is sometimes glanced over and if you enjoy it you probably give most of the credit to the penciler. But take a good look at Kevin’s work. I think you will see more detail there than you might expect.”

“Why doesn’t he draw [Spawn: The Dark Ages] himself?” –

“It was Kevin’s work on Dark Ages that first showed me how vital the inker is. I’m not an artist, and because of that, I tend to be ignorant sometimes, of what goes into making a great all around comic page. Seeing the process on StDA, pencils to inks to colors…really opened my eyes… …The fact that Kevin is a kick ass artist in his own right…must add to his ablity to make dynamic inks, to really contribute to the final art for each comic page. Very cool.”

“Besides being one of the nicest guys on the planet, Kevin is an incredible artist. LIke Danny Miki, neither gets to show off their own art enough by being primarilly inkers; however, Kevin and Danny are both unbelievably talented all-around artists.”

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