A Little Bit About Me

I was born on August 24th, some time ago. My hobbies include druming for a Kiss Tribute band called Revenge, and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym at least 5 days a week.

I graduated in from Sage College of Albany with an Associate’s degree in Applied Science, and immediately found work in commercial advertising, mainly with local businesses, including product illustration for a New York / Massachusetts supermarket chain, Price Chopper. Some national clients included Troy Bilt garden products, Scholastic magazine and GE. I also was the creator and artist of “Captain Coaxx,” a superhero who briefly defended the TCI Cable company in their advertisements. Although most of the illustration done was of a technical nature, the occasional ‘gem’ would come my way.

My lifelong dream was to illustrate for comics, and I grew tired of the lack of creativity in the commercial work that would come my way.   My friend, Greg Capullo, included some sample X-Force pages that I inked over him to his editor, Bob Harras, at Marvel. The result was immediate work as a contributing inker on X-Force, working over Greg’s pencils as well as nearly all of Marvel’s ‘X’ titles and their spin-offs. I was promoted to regular inker of X-Force starting with issue # 38, teaming up with then up-and-coming penciller Tony Daniel, and, over the course of many years, continued to accent each other’s work. After our collaboration on X-Force, we were both hired by Todd McFarlane to be the creative talent behind the Spawn mini-series; Spawn: Bloodfeud.

Assisting with the inking chores on the regular series, Spawn from issue 22 to 39, I then joined Tony again to illustrate the even numbered Spawn issues from # 40 through # 50. Following my run on Spawn, I contributed to many projects from the ‘big three’, finally landing my dream job and what I consider the pinnacle of my career — the inker for KISS: Psycho Circus. After 31 issues and two pencillers, the KISS series finally came to an end, but not before I had the chance to pencil the final cover, with KPC penciller Clayton Crain inking it.

Following the end of KPC, I headed over to Spawn: The Dark Ages with Nat Jones as penciler, inking issues 15 to it’s last issue, 28.

I contributed to various DC and Image properties, while finding more and more penciling projects along the way with independent companies and his commission work.