Not much to report…

As you all can tell, I’m sure, the site has stagnated lately. It was a year, in September, that I retired…well, let’s call it semi retired, from comics and moved on to working for ‘the man’. After 23 years of being self-employed as an artist, I needed a change for many reasons, most ’em personal. Working for the man does have it’s perks; I never, ever had a paid day off until I took this job, and it’s still a bizarre concept for me.

On the comic front, I did a cover for an upcoming Tangent graphic novel, and just completed a handful of pages for an Infinite Crisis Halloween special, some real fun pages, so check it out. I’ve done a ton of commissions, both my own pencils and a bunch of ink commissions over a bunch of hot pencilers. I’m gonna try to get them up asap.