After many, MANY, years, my website is BACK!  With the help of blackknightpublishing.com, I’m up and running!  With the
I am now able to make my own changes, updates and add my work.  So, check back often for upcoming appearances, projects, and news!

Thank You!

Latest News

– Commercial art: 13 new pieces added
– Commissions: 8 new pieces added
– Pencils: 1 new piece added
– Pencils and Inks: 1 new piece added
– Sketchbook: 1 new piece added
– Inks: 2 new pieces added

Check out my forum for a couple of new pencil additions!

I added a couple of pieces via my forum for you guys to check out. Both of which i’m pretty proud of. One is a work in progress. I’m gonna try to make more of a presence here, it’s been too long!


Imagine my surprise when I logged on to my PC today to see what you all are looking at to your right! Thanks to John for setting that up for me. Hopefully, more to come soon, mainly a very big update to my commission section, as I have probably a dozen or more waiting to be added. So, be patient, check back soon…maybe John will throw me an early Christmas present! laugh out loud

Two New Commissions and One new Ink Piece added

Click on the Inks section or Commisssions section links for new artwork

Not much to report…

As you all can tell, I’m sure, the site has stagnated lately. It was a year, in September, that I retired…well, let’s call it semi retired, from comics and moved on to working for ‘the man’. After 23 years of being self-employed as an artist, I needed a change for many reasons, most ’em personal. Working for the man does have it’s perks; I never, ever had a paid day off until I took this job, and it’s still a bizarre concept for me.

On the comic front, I did a cover for an upcoming Tangent graphic novel, and just completed a handful of pages for an Infinite Crisis Halloween special, some real fun pages, so check it out. I’ve done a ton of commissions, both my own pencils and a bunch of ink commissions over a bunch of hot pencilers. I’m gonna try to get them up asap.


Well, that’s it…it took a couple of years, but all two hundred 911 memorial prints are finally sold, with over $1000 going to charity. I’m retiring this piece for good and I’m glad I was able to touch so many people with the print. May all of you who have been affected by this tragedy heal as best you can, and let us all never forget. I once saw a bumper sticker that says it all about this tragic day – Our Colors Don’t Run.


These are the last 6 prints available of the 200 print run. Once these are gone, this piece will be retired…forever. I’ve got some cheap Titans stuff up there as well. Just click Supes to the right, and it will bring you right to my auctions!


I regret to have to recant my last post here. Something unfortunate and unavoidable has come up on that weekend that I’m not able to weasel my way out of. Hopefully, I’ll see you all soon at another con in the near future.
My deepest regrets,
-K sad crazy


I’ll be attending The NY Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center on Saturday, February 24th. As it looks right now, I won’t be attending on Friday, so, mark your calendars for Saturday. I’ll sign whatever you have, and I’ll be doing sketches as well as selling prints and back issues of some of my works